Books Donated

The Purpose Driven Life

By: Rick Warren

The book is intended to be read as a daily inspiration, with each of the 40 short chapters read on consecutive days. Each chapter contains a personal application section at the end with a “Point to ponder,” a “Verse to remember,” and a “Question to consider” over the course of that day. The first sentence of the book reads, “It’s not about you,” and the remainder of the chapter goes on to explain how the quest for personal fulfillment, satisfaction, and meaning can only be found in understanding and doing what God placed you on Earth to do. The 40 chapters are divided into six major sections, with the following titles:

  • What on Earth Am I Here For?
  • Purpose #1: You Were Planned for God’s Pleasure (Worship)
  • Purpose #2: You Were Formed for God’s Family (Fellowship)
  • Purpose #3: You Were Created to Become Like Christ (Discipleship)
  • Purpose #4: You Were Shaped for Serving God (Ministry)
  • Purpose #5: You Were Made for a Mission (Mission)

The Purpose Driven Life has sold over 60 million copies.

MENTOR: The Kid & the CEO

By: Tom Pace

Tony has no direction in life and no hope for his future ~ until he meets Malcolm, a businessman who has faced many of the same challenges. In learning from the knowledge and experience of Malcom, Tony realizes that he too can become successful and significant. There are setbacks for both student and teacher, but with hope and action they overcome challenges & difficulties and achieve significance.

This is a simple story about an unlikely pair of friends who learned the meaning of trust to overcome the odds and turn failure into success. This is the ultimate story of hope.

“Everyone should have the desire to never stop growing and learning. This book, Mentor: The Kid & The CEO, reminds us that mentors are a great way to achieve success in your physical, mental, spiritual, financial and social areas of your life. A quick read, this book is a must at all ages!”
                          ~Dr. Gary Smalley, Author of Change Your Heart Change Your Life

“Couldn’t be more timely! Best wishes.”
                          ~Steve Forbes, President & CEO, Forbes Magazine

Over 1 million copies in print.

Think & Grow Rich

By: Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow rich has been used by millions of business leaders around the world to create a concrete plan for success that, when followed, never fails. About the author: As a young special investigator for a national business magazine, Napoleon Hill was sent to interview Andrew Carnegie. During that interview, Carnegie slyly dropped a hint of a certain master power he used; a magic law of the human mind-a little known psychological principle that was amazing in its power. Carnegie suggested to Hill that on that principle he could build the philosophy of all personal success.

“Despite its title, this influential classic is about far more than being successful with money. It’s about mastering the self so that we may be as successful as we choose to be.” ~Helen Massicotte, Rockstar Finance

Over 100 million copies sold

Alcoholics Anonymous

Big Book – The basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous

Over 80% of all arrests in the United States are related to alcohol and/or drugs. Originally published in 1939, this basic text has helped millions of people recover from alcoholism and addiction. In 2011, Time magazine placed the Big Book on its list of the 100 best and most influential books ever written in English.

Over 35 million copies sold