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How We Got Started

Tom Pace, at the age of 26, read at the 4th grade level. Someone at the time gave him a book, and reading that book changed his entire life. One of the books that has had a big influence in Tom’s life is The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren. After reading it, he began buying copies with his own money and handing them out at the Oklahoma County Jail. He was able to see firsthand the positive impact the book was having in the lives of readers. Over time, Mr. Pace expanded both the number of books he was buying and the number of facilities that were receiving them. World Book Bank was incorporated in 2013, and received its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status from the IRS in 2014.

Where We Are Now

In 2018 World Book Bank donated 146,537 books to organizations throughout the United States. Our goal for 2019 is 180,000 books – and more as funding allows.  We’re gaining momentum as more sponsoring organizations are becoming familiar with the work that we do and the lives that are changing for the better. We continue to believe that we offer one of the most cost-effective means of initiating lasting positive changes in the lives of those seeking it. Check out some of our Letters From Readers and see our results for yourself!

World Book Bank is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people build better lives through its reading program. The majority of our readers are among the 2.2 million people imprisoned in the United States at any given time. We have by far the highest incarceration rate in the world, and historically, over half of those released from prison are re-arrested again within three years. It’s been shown in repeated studies that those participating in reading programs while incarcerated are significantly less likely to be re-arrested when released. The books donated by World Book Bank provide people with hope that success in life is available to everyone, regardless of the past. Readers are empowered with tools that can change their lives forever.

Our Current Offering

The Purpose Driven Life

Written by Rick Warren, this book helps you understand why you are alive, and reveals God’s amazing plan for you – both here and now, and for eternity. Knowing God’s purpose for creating you reduces stress, focuses your energy, simplifies your decisions, gives meaning to your life, and most importantly, prepares you for eternity.

Think and Grow Rich

Written by Napoleon Hill and originally printed in 1937, this book has inspired millions of people to become successful. “Despite its title, this influential classic is about far more than being successful with money. It’s about mastering the self so that we may be as successful as we choose to be.”  – Helen Massicotte, Rockstar Finance

Mentor: The Kid & The CEO

Written by our founder, Tom Pace, and based on a true story, this entertaining and easy-to-read book demonstrates the life-changing personal growth made possible through mentorship. The story contains real-life examples of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial growth. The back of the book has sections on finding a mentor, becoming a mentor, a list of rules to live by, and a recommended reading list.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Originally published in 1939, this book is the basic text for Alcoholics Anonymous. Over 80% of all arrests in the United States are related in some way to drugs and/or alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of people recover from addiction.

When people in jails and prisons engage in our reading program, everyone wins!

Being locked up is a miserable place to be. The remorse, shame, and loneliness can be crippling. Books are scarce and in poor condition. It’s no wonder that so many return after being released…..Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Our books can turn this period of time into one of quiet reflection. Readers can use this time to formulate positive changes in their lives. Changes that will keep them from ever having to go back again. Changes that will make them better parents, employees, and citizens!


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